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Wood Top Side Table

Customization is key, weoo offer a range of trendy color options that are updated quarterly. By staying current with the latest popular colors, we enable our customers to cater to diverse consumer preferences, ensuring their inventory remains in vogue.Choose WEOO to add sophistication and style to your wholesale offerings.

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The Wood Top Side Table is a beautiful, durable furniture piece made from natural wood that showcases natural beauty and texture that can be incorporated in a variety of home styles. Offering versatile use, it allows you to place items with ease, while custom sizes, colors and designs are available to meet individual needs. In keeping with the eco-friendly philosophy, the Wood Top Side Table is an environmentally friendly furniture choice that can be paired with a variety of furnishings to create a coordinated and aesthetically pleasing home environment.

Natural Wood: Made from natural wood for natural grain and texture.
Durable And Stable: Sturdy construction ensures durability and stability over time.
Multi-functional: Suitable for side tables, coffee tables and other uses, providing a convenient storage surface.
Versatile: Fits into a variety of home styles including modern, traditional or rustic.
Customized Options: Customized options in size, color and design to meet individual needs.
Eco-friendly materials: Eco-friendly wood and paint are used to meet environmental standards.
Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain for long-lasting beauty.
Flexible Matching: Can be matched with other furniture, adding to the overall aesthetic coordination.
Exquisite design: exquisite design, add decorative space.
Quality Manufacturing: Strict quality control to ensure reliable product quality.

Model: GT-390
Beech wood top with powder
coated steel base
Color card:

wood color metal color

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