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Wire Lounge Living Room Velvet Chair

The collection with the poetic name Dahlia has been created with the help of WEOO teams as a peculiar contrast to today’s design minimalism. The zinc-coated steel frame has a powder-coated finish. The padded seats together is made out of materials of the highest quality, which is why they are suitable for commercial use all year long.

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The Wire Lounge Living Room Velvet Chair is a high-quality piece of furniture featuring a soft suede seat cover, a powder-coated steel frame, and distinctive lines. It provides a comfortable sitting and tactile feel with excellent durability and stability. The larger size of this chair offers ample seating space, perfect for relaxing or reading. Also, the chairs are available in various colors to coordinate with your living room decor. Whether as a recliner or as a decorative piece, the Wire Lounge Living Room Velvet Chair adds comfort and beauty to the living room, expressing personal taste and style. It’s eco-friendly materials and easy-to-clean features also make it an eco-friendly and practical choice.

1. UNIQUE LINE DESIGN: These line chairs are designed with unique modern lines for a minimalist and stylish look. The lines’ curves and structural design provide reasonable support and add a special decorative touch to your living room.

2. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE SUEDE MATERIAL: The seat and backrest of this chair are made of soft and comfortable suede material that is warm and soft to the touch. Suede is not only comfortable but also adds a touch of luxury and gives the whole living room a warm and cozy atmosphere.

3. Spacious living space: these chairs are usually designed to be spacious and comfortable, giving plenty of space to sit and sleep. The generous living space allows one to sit, curl up or relax comfortably, providing an ideal place to relax in the living room.

4. STABLE AND DURABLE METAL FRAME: The frame of a wire chair is usually made of stable and durable metal to ensure that the chair is structurally sound and durable. The metal frame also provides good support, offering users a stable and comfortable sitting position.

5. MULTIPLE COLOURS AND STYLES AVAILABLE: These wire chairs are usually available in various colors and styles to suit different living room décor styles. Customers can choose the right chair according to their personal preferences and the overall tone of their living room, thus creating a unique and personalized living room space.

Model: MC-189A
SIZE: L60×W127×H68cm
Soft cover seat with powder
coated steel frame
Color card:

wood color metal color fabric color


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