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Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide 2

Buying restaurant tables and chairs is a significant investment that can greatly impact the ambiance and comfort of your establishment.

This article will show you some attentions to choosing restaurant tables and chairs, ensuring that your investment enhances the overall dining experience for your customers while being practical and cost-effective for your business.

How many covers are appropriate for the space?

Determining the appropriate number of covers (seating capacity) for your restaurant space is a crucial decision that directly impacts your business’s profitability and customer experience. You should considered the space layout and size, table sizes, ambiance and comfort and prototype or test layout to calculate the ideal number of covers for your restaurant.

Restaurant Tables and Chairs Buyers Guide 2 2

How much space is needed for restaurant chairs?

There should be a minimum of 18 inches (46 cm) of space between the edges of chairs placed side by side. This provides enough elbow room for diners and prevents overcrowding.

The amount of space needed for restaurant chairs depends on various factors, including the type of restaurant, the layout, the size of the chairs, and local regulations.

What furniture style is best?

If you want your restaurant chairs to make an impact, opt for high backs; if not, or if your ceilings are low, go for backs that are not much higher than the tables. Consider some armchairs, although check that the arms of the chairs fit comfortably under your table tops.

What materials are available & what should we choose?

Most restaurant chairs that we sell are a combination of wood and upholstery, although alternative materials are becoming increasingly popular. Fully upholstered chairs will tend to muffle echoes, particularly important if your restaurant has wooden floors. Glides on the bottom of wooden legs should also be specified to cut down noise, as appropriate.

We have a wealth of experience supplying tables and chairs for restaurant settings and would be delighted to give you advice on your project. Contact us to get a free catalog download or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team by calling +0086 18358668968

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