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Upholstered Wood Base Sofa Chair

Draw sofa uses solid wood in their production, only environmentally-friendly materials for treatment, natural oils, and wax that emphasize the luxurious and organic beauty of wood texture and that enable it to “breathe” naturally. This emphasizes the natural color diversity, while the use of harmful chemical substances for wood treatment is avoided by using vinyl-based glue.

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The Upholstered Wood Base Sofa Chair is a sofa chair that combines high-quality materials, classic design and comfort. It not only provides you with a comfortable sitting position, but also adds to the beauty of your home decoration. Whether placed in the living room, study or bedroom, it is a practical and stylish choice.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This sofa chair is manufactured with high-quality materials, such as a high-quality wooden base and comfortable upholstery. The wooden base provides firm and stable support, while the upholstery provides comfortable seating.

Classic Design: This sofa chair adopts classic design, simple and elegant. Its smooth lines and stylish appearance can be matched with various home decoration styles to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Comfort: The upholstered design makes this sofa chair very comfortable. It provides soft support and provides a comfortable sitting and reclining experience. Whether it’s for relaxing or reading for a long time, it can give you a comfortable experience.

Adjustability: Some Upholstered Wood Base Sofa Chairs also have adjustable features. For example, the angle of the cushion or the inclination of the back can be adjusted to meet the needs and preferences of different people.

Durability: This sofa chair is manufactured with high-quality materials and fine workmanship. It can stand up to everyday use and stay in great shape for a long time.

Model: SF-093
Soft cover seat,beech wood base
and powdercoated steellegs
Color card:

wood color metal color fabric color

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