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Tips When Changing Your Furniture Supplier

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The furniture industry is characterized by its enduring partnerships, often spanning decades, where companies collaborate for mutual benefit. However, there are several compelling reasons to consider seeking a new furniture supplier. Whether you aim to find new suppliers, expand your supplier network, or outsource products traditionally manufactured in-house, this guide will help you make the right decision. Your situation falls into one of two categories: Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) or Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). To start, we will provide an in-depth explanation of the differences between these two types.

OEM or ODM Supplier
When utilizing OEM services, you partner with a company to bring your product design to fruition. Typically, these components remain unbranded until they are incorporated into your final product. In the furniture industry, OEM manufacturers assist in realizing your collections and designs, either in full or in part. OEM partnerships often thrive on loyalty and cooperation, especially when it comes to collaboratively creating successful new items, which necessitates both strong manufacturing and marketing skills.

Conversely, when working with ODM manufacturers, you entrust them with a greater degree of responsibility during the design phase. You can choose to rely entirely on the furniture supplier’s design expertise or work together to reach a design consensus. Frequently, furniture suppliers have the capability to stay ahead of trends and consistently develop new, popular designs to meet your requirements.

What Might Encourage a Change in Your Furniture Supplier?

If you’re reading this, you may currently be satisfied with your existing supplier(s), but you might be looking to minimize risks within your supplier portfolio or alleviate pressure on a specific furniture supplier. Considering relocating certain products to another supplier or country can be a prudent strategy, reducing your vulnerability to disruptions caused by challenges with a single supplier. Your supply chain may already be exposed to risks associated with a particular supplier. Alternatively, you may have a highly sought-after product that your current supplier struggles to produce in line with growing demand, making it a compelling reason to explore additional options. Another common scenario arises when you continue to collaborate with a supplier offering a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) or limited production capacity. However, due to increased demand or inventory management requirements, you are seeking a neighboring supplier to facilitate more frequent container deliveries.

Conversely, you may have entirely valid reasons for being dissatisfied with your current furniture supplier, whether they provide OEM or ODM services. Concerns such as price increases, quality issues, and customer complaints could be at the forefront. It’s also possible that your supplier has deprioritized your orders in favor of larger or local customers, resulting in extended lead times. On the other hand, you may have outgrown your supplier’s capacity or found their innovation capabilities lacking. In such cases, making a transition, while bold, might be necessary to realize your growth potential.

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How to Find the Right Supplier

Depending on your specific needs, you have the flexibility to choose a furniture supplier from a particular country. When narrowing down your options to specific suppliers, it’s essential to focus on their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), the capabilities of their design teams, and their manufacturing expertise.

If you require standardized, high-volume products, collaborating with a factory that relies on machinery might be your best choice. Conversely, if you appreciate distinctive, personalized products, consider countries and companies with skilled labor capabilities, ideally at a lower labor cost. The uniqueness expressed in the furniture, coupled with its flexibility, may align with your preferences.

Once you’ve identified a potential supplier, it’s advisable to request their company profile. Such a profile can provide valuable insights into your prospective partner’s capabilities and track record. Moreover, if your supplier already has experience delivering to your country, it simplifies the furniture importing process, particularly in terms of complying with legal requirements. For instance, if your company is based in the USA, you can ensure that the furniture supplier meets all the necessary certifications and standards by obtaining information about their established partners in the United States. Furthermore, a supplier with an international and consistent presence instills initial confidence, as they comprehend how furniture performs in various countries, both from a consumer perspective and in terms of quality expectations.

Last but not least, it’s crucial to verify that the supplier’s capacity and growth potential align with your own. To avoid potential capacity constraints in the future, it’s prudent to collaborate with a furniture supplier capable of providing not only the required quality but also the quantity you may need as your business expands. Proactively preventing such issues is more advantageous than having to address them later, potentially resulting in missed sales opportunities while searching for a new manufacturer.

What to Provide Your New Supplier

To streamline the process, it’s essential to be transparent and clear about your intentions. Are you looking for temporary OEM services to address immediate capacity constraints, or are you interested in establishing a long-term ODM or OEM service relationship? If you have a clear understanding of your requirements, it’s beneficial to provide your potential supplier with comprehensive technical drawings, including specifications regarding thickness, components, and materials. Supplying a Bill of Materials can also be beneficial.

In cases where you require a product that’s either custom-designed or can only be shown through a picture, many suppliers possess in-house capabilities to convert that image into a technical drawing and subsequently into a sample product.

Product Samples

Make sure you’ve had a reliable pricing discussion before ordering a sample. After all, some suppliers may provide price estimates that significantly differ from the final cost, and we understand your desire to avoid wasting time. Some suppliers, including ourselves, have the ability to offer accurate price estimates based on factors such as the quantity of wood required, materials, accessories, and packaging. However, regardless of the estimation’s precision, it’s wise to anticipate minor variances between initial conceptual pricing and the final prices for the furniture you order.

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As your trusted partner in furniture, we offer comprehensive furniture solutions, distinguished furniture design, and top-tier quality. Our primary customer base includes dealers, wholesalers, and large supermarkets, ensuring the accessibility of our furniture to a wide range of customers. Our unwavering commitment to quality and social responsibility is underlined by our BSCI certification, attesting to our dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices. Presently, our facilities encompass 50,000 square meters, employing over 200 skilled workers, with an annual chair production capacity of 665,800 units.
With extensive experience in furniture export, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering high-quality furniture that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Whether you’re in search of stylish and functional pieces for your office or require innovative furniture solutions to furnish your retail or commercial space, we stand ready to assist you.
At WEOO, we hold the belief that furniture should transcend mere functionality. It should also encapsulate individual style, enhance personality, and elevate the quality of life. This is why we are fervently dedicated to crafting contemporary furniture designs that seamlessly blend aesthetic allure with practicality and comfort.We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you and assist you in discovering the ideal furniture solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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