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Plaza Television Shelf LL-069

With Sloo’s sleek, doorless design, our cabinet offers a refreshing take on traditional storage solutions. Embracing an open concept, it showcases six spacious partitions within, providing ample room to showcase your cherished entertainment devices, media collections, and decorative items. The absence of cabinet doors allows for effortless access, ensuring convenience during setup and easy cable management.

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Plaza Television Shelf is an excellent TV stand.The Plaza Television Shelf stands out for its elegant design and versatility. Its sturdy construction and modern look make it ideal for holding your TV and its accessories. Not only can it hold your TV, but it can also display collectibles, decorative items and more, adding a modern aesthetic and practicality to your home.

Multifunctional TV Stand: Suitable for holding TV, accessories, collectibles and decorations, playing multiple roles.
Elegant Design: Contemporary look, adds a sense of beauty and style to your home.
Sturdy And Durable: sturdy structure supports stable placement of TV and important items.
Space Utilization: Effective use of space to create a neat and orderly living environment.
Integrated Wire Management: Integrated wire management system keeps things neat and tidy and avoids mess.
Multiple Size Options: Multiple sizes are available to accommodate different TV sizes and space requirements.
Easy Installation: Simple installation steps, easy to complete the assembly.
Various Colors: Provide a variety of color choices to meet the needs of different decorative styles.
Durable Material: High-quality materials are used to ensure that the color will not fade or be damaged after a long time of use.
Essential For Modern home: perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, enhance the taste and comfort of home space.

Model: LL-069
Oak weneer and painted MDF,
power coated steel base
Color card:

wood color metal color mdf color

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