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Plaza Television Shelf LL-064

With Sloo’s sleek, doorless design, our cabinet offers a refreshing take on traditional storage solutions. Embracing an open concept, it showcases six spacious partitions within, providing ample room to showcase your cherished entertainment devices, media collections, and decorative items. The absence of cabinet doors allows for effortless access, ensuring convenience during setup and easy cable management.

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Plaza Television Shelf is a fully functional and beautifully designed TV stand with multiple uses and spacious storage space that can provide your home with stylish charm and a neat and organized entertainment area.

Multifunctional Design: Versatility as a TV stand, display shelf and storage shelf to meet your different needs.
Unique Style: The modern appearance design makes it a highlight of interior decoration and adds fashionable charm to your home.
Spacious Storage Space: The large shelf surface and multiple storage compartments can hold a variety of media devices, DVDs, books and decorations, helping you organize and structure your living room.
Sturdy and Durable: Made of high quality materials, the structure is solid and can withstand weight, ensuring a long service life.
Easy Installation: Comes with easy-to-install instructions and the tools you need to complete the assembly and get it up and running quickly.
Wireless Cable Hiding: Specially designed cable management system neatly hides cables to avoid messy wiring and provide a neater look.
Adjustable Height: The height of the shelf surface can be freely adjusted according to the size of the TV and personal preference for the best viewing experience.
Eco-Friendly Materials: Made of environmentally friendly materials, it meets environmental standards and is harmless to your and your family’s health.
Easy To Clean: Smooth surface and dustproof coating make it easy to clean and maintain, just simply wipe it to keep it shining like new.
Wide Adaptability: Suitable for a variety of TV sizes and room layouts, it can be placed in the living room, living room, bedroom or office, bringing you great flexibility.

Model: LL-064
Oak weneer and painted MDF
power coated steel base
Color card:

wood color metal color mdf color

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