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Mace Side table

Mace table’s handle, waterproof design, compact size, and hassle-free assembly make it a practical and cost-effective choice.The handle allows for easy movement and repositioning,in addition to its mobility, Mace boasts a waterproof design, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. You can confidently place drinks or beverages on its surface without worrying about unsightly stains or damage. Another advantage is the compact size, which not only reduces transportation costs but also saves storage space. Additionally, Mace is designed for easy assembly, allowing customers to effortlessly set it up upon receiving it.

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The ace Side Table is a stylish and functional furniture piece featuring a unique mallet-shaped design that adds a modern touch to the home with versatility and durability, making it an eye-catching decorative and practical piece of furniture for your home.
Unique mallet-shaped design: unique shape design, eye-catching.
Stylish And Modern: show modern sense and fashionable flavor, match with trendy home style.
Multifunctional: Suitable for multiple uses such as side table, plant stand, etc.
Durable and solid: High-quality materials and structure ensure the product is stable and durable.
Fine craftsmanship: Fine manufacturing process, presenting high-quality detailing.
Variety of materials: Provide different material options to meet the needs of different styles.
Space-saving: Compact design, suitable for homes with limited space.
Light and easy to move: easy to move and place, flexible to use.
Match with other furniture: can be matched with various furniture, adding to the overall aesthetic.
Decorative and practical: It is both decorative and provides practical storage and placement functions.

Model: GT-393B
Powder coated steel
Color card:

metal color wood color

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