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How to Pick the Right Bar chairs for Your bar &restaurant

Wooden Bar Stool Chairs with Backs

Maybe you’re picking out bar chairs for your soon-to-be restaurant or bar, or maybe you already own a great restaurant, but the furniture is getting a bit dated. You need new chairs to refresh your commercial space. Picking bar chairs can be easier said than done, let’s check how to do it right.

Step No. 1: Pick the height

It is very important to choose the right chair size according to table height. There’s nothing worse than a bar chair that’s too tall or too short—not only will it be uncomfortable; it will also look disproportionate. Measure your current table, island, or bar first. Then choose bar chairs that allow for 9″ – 12” between the bottom of the table or countertop and the top of the bar chair. At 24″ – 26” high, counter chairs pair best with surfaces that are 36” off the ground. This is the standard height of bar tables, so this type of bar chair will work great for drinking areas.Standard bars are around 42” high, so bar chairs with a height of 30” are your best bet for a wet bar.

Step No.2: Choose a Design

Bar chairs come in an array of shapes and styles, so before making a decision, it’s important to consider both comfort needs. Do you want arm rests, a back, footrests, or adjustable height? Along with considering your needs, find a style that will complement your space. Here, the three most common styles you’ll find.


A simple backless bar chair is perhaps the most common design. Typically round, these chairs are perfect if you’re looking to save space and prefer to keep chairs hidden beneath your counter. Keep in mind, however, that backless chairs might not always be the most comfortable option, and may keep your guests from sitting too long.

With Arms 

Bar chairs with arms are a great option if you sit in them often. Just a reminder to choose a bar chair with arms that will slide under a counter.

Upholstered chairs

If your bar counter is your main area, you may want to consider an upholstered style. Not only are they more comfortable than non-cushioned styles, they’ll add an air of formality to your counter.

Step No.3: Frame Materials

Like any other piece of furniture, when it comes to choosing your bar chairs, material matters. Whether you’re looking to fit a particular style, or for a durable material that can stand up to heavy use, weight the pros and cons of the most common bar chair materials below.

Wood bar chairs are a solid option that can fit with nearly any style aesthetic. For added comfort, opt for a wooden bar chair with an upholstered cushion—but keep it inside. Commonly used wood is ash, beech, oak, of course walnut can be chosen, but the price will be higher.

Bar chairs made of metal typically have a sleek silhouette, making them especially suited to small spaces and those with more industrial or modern aesthetics. Keep in mind, metal barchairs should always be used inside to prevent rusting.Professional furniture factories can provide metal bar chairs for outdoor use, you need to pay attention to this before placing an order,or pair bar chairs outdoors with parasol.

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