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Fabric Velvet Dining Room Chair

The new Narro collection impresses with its clear design, simple contours and maximum flexibility. The delicate steel base with armrests underlines the idea of exceptional lightness and comfort. The fabric material offers a pleasant and comfortable seating experience by the use of particularly resistant yarns.

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Fabric velvet dining chair is a dining chair made of high-quality fabrics, stylish in design, comfortable and durable. Soft fabrics and comfortable seats make you feel comfortable and happy while enjoying your food. Its stylish appearance design makes it the highlight of restaurant decoration, enhancing the overall beauty and taste.

1. HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: This dining chair is made of velvet fabric, which is soft, smooth, and luxurious to the touch. Fabric Velvet is a high-quality fabric that is beautiful and provides you with a comfortable sitting feeling.

2. Stylish Design: This dining chair has a sleek, modern design with a simple and elegant look. The smooth, well-defined lines of the chair back and seat surface give it a stylish, sleek feel. Its simple design style makes it suitable for various restaurant decoration styles, adding a sense of fashion and taste to the restaurant.

3. Comfort: The seat material is made of velvet fabric, which is soft and comfortable. Its smooth and fine surface has a down-like feel, allowing you to sit comfortably while eating. At the same time, the dining chair is also equipped with a suitable sitting posture and back support to provide you with a comfortable dining experience.

4. STURDY AND DURABLE: This dining chair is made of high-quality material and is durable. The solid frame structure and stable base design ensure the stability and durability of the chair. In addition, the velvet material of the fabric has been specially treated to be waterproof, stain-resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

5. Multiple Choices: Fabric velvet dining chairs are available in various colors and styles, suitable for different restaurant decoration styles and personal preferences. You can choose the most appropriate style according to your needs and the overall decoration style, to coordinate with the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Model: SF-094
Soft cover seat with
powdercoated steel base
Color card:

wood color metal color fabric color

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