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When you browse through our collection, you might fall in love with a design and it’s exactly what you had in mind.

Customize Wholesale chair

Customize furniture range can be tailored exactly to your needs. And you can trust that everything you see has been carefully considered and produced with special attention to quality, function, and detail. Follow these simple steps and get started on your solution whether its creating a personalized chair, a bespoke table, or creating an entire dining setting.


Customize Furniture Step one is about finding the shape and style you need. If it’s a metal chair you are looking for, check out the chair overview, where we have a curated selection of our chair designs. Whether it’s curved or straight, sharp lines or soft shapes – here is your overview of chair systems to fit any contemporary taste. Choose your favorite design – maybe it’s the Remex collection – and you’re ready for the next step. If you are looking for a bar stool, it’s the same process: go to the overview page, find your favorite collection, and get ready to make it your own.​


Once you have found a design you love, its time to make sure it fits your target market. Remember that we are not able to show everything Customize Furniture online – but if you have your heart set on a specific piece, check the product details to find all relevant measurements. If you’re in doubt, visit us and have a chat with our staff. Once you have the perfectly size, you’re on to step 3 where you can indulge in fine materials and exciting colors.


Whether you focus on a dining chair, sofa, or table – the task is alike: it’s time for colors and surfaces. Here on our website you can design your own chair, choose the right color of fronts on the custom wall unit, and make the designs fit your market. Want to feel the touch of our quality leather, fabric or wood in person? Contact us, leave your address, teams will send swatches as you need.


Weoo teams takes into account the target Customize Furniture budget provided by the customer and give suggestions on materials and processes. The goal is to produce a product that comes as close as possible to the target price without compromising on quality or functionality.Through effective product cost control, we can find the right balance between price and product specifications.

What customized services can we provide?

Appearance Design Support
Weoo take pride in our professional design expertise. With a dedicated team of skilled designers, we excel in adjusting product details and coordinating with other department to meet your requirements. Team focus on precision and attention to detail ensures that every custom piece reflects clients’ vision and exhibits exceptional craftsmanship

Appearance Design Support

Variety of materials
Material customization service offers a diverse selection of materials for creating chairs or tables that cater to your target market. Whether it’s wood, metal, fabric, leather, or other options, we collaborate with you to choose the most suitable materials for your designs. This ensures that the products meet your desired standards for quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Customize Furniture materials

Special Packaging Requirements
Factory provides packaging services to enhance the safety of your furniture during transportation and storage. Weoo also can tailor packaging solutions based on specific requirements, considering factors such as product size, fragility, and branding. By offering special packaging, you can ensure that your products arrives in optimal condition.

Special Packaging

Free commercial file
Weoo offers Free commercial file, which can be particularly useful for wholesalers who require specific design files for marketing or production purposes. We can provide CAD files or other digital formats of the furniture designs you choose. All our pictures, posters will be shared with our partners as long as you need.


Customise furniture now and enjoy 90% off

Customize furniture allows for personalised furniture configurations based on individual preferences and spatial details, and each bespoke product is unique.Or follow us on social media for tips on the best deals!

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