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As an importer, how to get more out of a china trade fair


September to October is a major month of the China trade fair season, with the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, and some other shows in Shanghai. Many importers will be getting ready to head over to China to source new manufacturers or products, so how to get the most out of your visit?

Register in advance

Visiting a trade fair is busy and tiring, so register online in advance. If you have no clue about this, please contact your supplier, they will provide professional and reliable help. Most of the exhibitions now provide online registration, you can also visit the official website for more information.

Plan the day at the fair

The fair websites always provide a map which you can examine in advance.  You can locate your current suppliers and those that you want to meet and make a route plan.You should take the opportunity to meet the big names in your market, get to know market trends, and compare products, prices, and services. You can also research their names online in advance to see who is new, innovative, and long-standing, and try to see these companies, as well, as they may be worth getting to know. Those are your priority.

Collect more information

Your goal at the trade fair should be take collecting business cards, catalogue, and any other literature that helps you make a decision. In addition, you also need to question potential suppliers to make sure that they’re right for you. Use post-it’s to write your own notes during sales consultations and stick them to catalogue. Information such as prices will be useful to come back to later. Remember to take a small backpack or even wheeled case to store all of these resources, and don’t forget to take a lot of your own business cards, too.

Many Chinese sales reps’ cards have WeChat QR codes on them, so scan the code and add them on WeChat for immediate connection. This will be an invaluable tool for non-official communication with suppliers and is China’s main messaging app.

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Prepare your questions

You know what product types you are targeting and have a good idea about the suppliers that you want to visit, now you also need to plan the kinds of questions to ask in advance too.

The basics typically will be:

Pricing – what is the MOQ and unit price, is there a sample and tooling cost? Write down the responses, because these will need to be cross-checked against any follow-up proposal that you receive later.

Packing – what methods are provided and how do they influence the final price that you pay? Can the supplier provide a different type of packing method to what you require?

Shipping – what is the estimated delivery time? How are goods typically shipped and from where?

Payment terms – the standard payment term is 30% down payment and 70% after shipment. This should be agreed and set in stone as early as possible.

 Are you dealing with a trader or manufacturer?

Some trading companies pretend to be manufacturers to entice foreign buyers to work with them. What the importers don’t realise is that they’re paying a middleman additional margin to deal with a factory on their behalf. Working with a manufacturer directly will provide you with better control over and visibility of your supply chain, lower prices and a firmer hold over your IP.

Which China Trade Fair Will You Attend?

WEOO FURNITURE will appear at the China International Furniture EXPO 2023 held in Shanghai in September(9.11-15) and Canton Fair held in Guangzhou in October(10.23-27). If you intend to participate in the exhibition, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Welcome to visit our factory after the exhibition,you can check workshops, talk to our teams and workers, no doubt, we will be your trustworthy partner.

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